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"Out of the darkness, grew a spark." 




We are chance.

Monticello Street Candle Company was born out of the search for inner peace, good vibes, and the search for home. And if I am being entirely honest, the search for a beautifully fragrant candle that was soft enough for sensitive noses but powerful enough to help the spirit with the magic of aromatherapy. 

Our candles are all natural, wood wick, handmade soy candles that are lightly scented with 100% concentrated, Phthalate-Free fragrance oils and made in 10 oz reusable glass.


A lot of thought goes behind each fragrance to help achieve a purpose, whether uplifting, soothing or arousing just to name a few, and are exclusive scents to Monticello Street Candle Co. 

Made with love, light, and a dope vibes.

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